Egg Replacer

This is my favorite egg replacer, Bob’s Red Mill. It works really well when baking with baked goods that have flour in them.  I have used it successfully with pancakes, waffles, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, donuts….you get the idea! I buy it at my local health food store.



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  1. Mays says:

    hi. Egg replacers are not easy to find, so I was wondering if you’ve ever attempted using other methods like yogurt, oil+water+baking powder, vinegar+water etc and if you have, how does it work in relation to the number of eggs being replaced? Also, do the results differ much between cakes and biscuits?

    1. I use plain unsweetened yogurt and plain unsweetened greek yogurt a lot. Yogurt is used in a lot of the recipes on my blog. The general rule is 1/4 cup yogurt for every egg. So if my recipe says 2 tbsp prepared egg replacer (equivalent to 2 eggs) then 1/2 cup yogurt can be used. It works really well in cakes, biscuits brownies, etc. I generally only use yogurt or egg replacer in my baking. I do have a chocolate cake recipe that uses a combination of oil and vinegar but I don’t use mixtures of those ingredients as an egg replacer. If there is a good balance of flour and fats in the recipe then either the yogurt or the egg replacer will work really well. I hope this helps!

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