New Product Review


One of my readers alerted me to a new product called Hellmann’s Carefully Crafted, which is an eggless sandwich spread. I hadn’t heard of the product so I went looking and found it in my local grocery store here in Canada and I also found it at my sister’s local grocery store in the United States. I have already tried Vegenaise which is also an eggless sandwich spread but is only available at a health food store in my neighbourhood as opposed to the grocery store where I frequent. Here is my post about Vegenaise:

I tried Hellmann’s Carefully Crafted on a sandwich and it is a good mayonnaise substitute. It has a good flavour and the fact that it is readily available is a bonus. One slight drawback is that it is not as thick as a regular egg mayonnaise. Since giving up most egg products when my son was 11 months old due to an egg allergy, I must say that mayo is not necessarily a product I have missed. I love vinaigrette and oil based salad dressings and anytime I want a creamy dressing, I make it out of greek yogurt, which I love, or sour cream. But, if you are a mayo lover and want to use an eggless one as either a health choice or due to an egg allergy, this is a good option.




I heard of this product from Anna and Kristina’s show Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag. They did a taste test using this product, which is completely egg-free, along with 3 other egg containing mayos. Hellmans, Spectrum and Kewpie were the egg mayos that Vegenaise competed against.

Vegenaise beat out the other mayos, with 37 percent of the vote! Here is a link to their findings:

Impressed, I went on the hunt for this product. I found it at our local health food store initially and have since found it at my local grocery store in the refrigerated health food section. It is a little pricey ($5.49 for a 473 ml jar), but for a change from mustard and for special occasions to make salads, etc, it is definitely worth it.

It does have a very good taste and texture. I was very pleased with the product. It has a real mayo taste.

They have a couple of varieties which you can check out at:

I have a recipe posted for a sandwich spread that uses Greek yogurt which is very good as well for a nice change.



Yogurt is a great baking and cooking aid once you start experimenting with eggless recipes. Plain or unflavored Greek yogurt can be used in baking or as a mayonnaise substitute for salads and dressings.

I use Greek yogurt in salads and dressings such as my Bacon Cheddar Ranch Potato Salad ( Rachel Ray is well known for her dislike of mayonnaise so her tv site is a great resource for eggless salad dressings (

I use plain yogurt to help with egg replacement in baked goods, such as my Whole Wheat Banana Bread ( It`s also a great addition to chocolate cakes and cupcakes or scones. When replacing yogurt for eggs in baked goods, the ratio is generally 1/4 cup yogurt per egg.

Flax Seed


I love Bob’s Red Mill products. I use their egg replacer ( and their flax seed products as well as their steel cut oats.  Flax seed can also be used as an egg replacer. You can buy the seeds whole and grind them yourself or you can buy them already ground. Flax seeds that are already ground do not last very long so you can keep them in your freezer to extend the shelf life. I buy the pre-ground Flax seed meal and add it to a lot of breads, pizza dough and anything that has whole wheat flour in it as well. It bumps up the nutrition and adds a nutty flavor.

If you want to use it as an egg replacer you can mix 1 tbsp ground flax seed with 3 tbsp of water.  I often just add it in to the dry ingredients, sometimes in addition to the Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer.

This is carried at my local grocery store in the health food section.