Key Lime Pie

Making this yummy pie today, just because!

my eggless world


I often have very vivid memories of food related events from my childhood. A bag of limes can trigger a memory deeply ingrained in my brain! The bag of limes from Costco triggered one such memory of going to someone’s house and seeing a Key Lime Pie and being told by my parents that I was not allowed to eat it. To this day, I am not sure why. I suspect, knowing my parents, that it was because it was likely made with uncooked eggs. I have never made a Key Lime Pie before. I have made cupcakes which are on my blog: /  So this is my first attempt at a Key Lime pie.  I tried to keep the sweetened condensed milk to a minimum and used Greek yogurt to help thicken it. Of course, this is an eggless version even young children can eat.

Key Lime Pie

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