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One of my readers alerted me to a new product called Hellmann’s Carefully Crafted, which is an eggless sandwich spread. I hadn’t heard of the product so I went looking and found it in my local grocery store here in Canada and I also found it at my sister’s local grocery store in the United States. I have already tried Vegenaise which is also an eggless sandwich spread but is only available at a health food store in my neighbourhood as opposed to the grocery store where I frequent. Here is my post about Vegenaise:

I tried Hellmann’s Carefully Crafted on a sandwich and it is a good mayonnaise substitute. It has a good flavour and the fact that it is readily available is a bonus. One slight drawback is that it is not as thick as a regular egg mayonnaise. Since giving up most egg products when my son was 11 months old due to an egg allergy, I must say that mayo is not necessarily a product I have missed. I love vinaigrette and oil based salad dressings and anytime I want a creamy dressing, I make it out of greek yogurt, which I love, or sour cream. But, if you are a mayo lover and want to use an eggless one as either a health choice or due to an egg allergy, this is a good option.


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  1. Kara says:

    Hi, it’s great to see this review on your site! I am an egg lover but gave it up when we found out my son was allergic about two years ago. It wasn’t too hard for me to give up mayo but it’s nice to have this in the house for mayo lovers that may visit. And my husband loves mayo on his burgers so this product is nicefor that. I try to make the whole house egg free. It’s much easier on the head! I love your site, btw. It’s nice to find another allergy mom and a fellow Canadian too! I’m off to find a muffin recipe. It’s not too humid here today so I can have the oven on. Cheers!

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog. It was much easier when my son was younger to make the house egg free. It was what worked for us. I go out for eggs when I crave them. 🙂 Have fun baking!

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